Voice Lessons

Singing is one of the most satisfying experiences in life. It unites body, emotions and consciousness (or spirit) in an artful, life giving harmony. Therefore, it gives me great joy to help people to use their voice to the fullest.

Furthermore, we might say that teaching is also a kind of art. Many of the elements of the vocal tract escape our direct control, and a teacher will therefore have to rely on artful indirect influence. He or she might use instructions like "Imagine singing for the people behind you", or more directly: "Darken this "ee"-vowel towards "ih". Students will react differently to the same instructions, however. And each voice has its own strengths, weaknesses and characteristics, and needs to develop along its own unique path. Therefore we could say that teaching really is an art, no less than singing.

All this may also mean that a student can profit from switching teachers once in a while, as each teacher has his own method that may or may not be what the student needs in his or her particular stage of development.

One of the most important qualities of a voice teacher however, is his idea of the sound of the fully trained voice, and therefore of the directon in which the student should develop. This idea should be based on a rich stage experience, so that the teacher knows what is needed for a good performance.

As you can see in my resume, I have about ten years of stage experience, mostly in fully staged productions with orchestra. Furthermore, my own teachers are quite well known and also have a lot of stage experience. Among them are Ank Reinders, Wiebke Göetjes en James McCray. Therefore I would like to invite you for a test lesson. This lesson is only 10 Euros. I hope to see you!